Cosmos Necklace

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Marni LuHu Designs presents the Cosmos necklace - a beautiful ode to the joys of motherhood and the timeless elegance of the Cosmos flower.

Crafted with care from 14K gold filled materials, this necklace features a delicate pendant that's been expertly hand-stamped. The pendant hangs from an 18" chain, making it the perfect length for layering with your other Marni LuHu favorites.

As a symbol of beauty, balance, tranquility, and love, the Cosmos flower serves as a fitting inspiration for this stunning piece. And just like the flower's ability to bring order and harmony to its surroundings, this necklace is sure to add a touch of grace and charm to any outfit.

  • 14K Gold Filled 
  • 18"L Chain

Dimensions: 13mm disk


Handcrafted in Morden, Manitoba by Marni Luhu Designs.  Learn more about the woman behind the jewelry.

Cosmos Necklace