Luv | Peach Bubble Bath

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With notes of fresh, juicy peaches, this biodegradable bubble bath from SELV is 100% vegan and made with quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

When your bathtub is nearly full, use 10-15 pumps near the running water to get a nice lather.


Selv is founded by Sarah Laroche, an ambassador of “slow living”. First a stylist, then a photographer, she was greatly inspired by her travels which made her discover a slower way of life in which one takes care of oneself and others. From this desire to create opportunities for slowness and care for the people she loves, as well as her passion for the bath ritual, was born Selv.

Rthetic and biodegradable preservative), lauramine oxide (vegetable source cleaning agent), benzyl alcohol (preservative identical to nature), perfume/fragrance (mix containing at least 50% essential oils and our perfume designed without chemical agents).

Luv | Peach Bubble Bath