Recovery Bath Salt | Cedar, Evergreen & Vetiver

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Relish in a tranquil paradise with Selv Bath Salt! Soak in the energizing aroma of cedar, evergreens, and smoke as you indulge in a hot bath. This blend of Epsom salt, cedar essential oil, fir essential oil, vetiver essential oil, and vitamin E encourages relaxation and brings oils and vitamins into the tub.

Create your serene escape with just 1/4 cup and bask in 8-12 baths with one sachet. Store in a dry place up to a year and always have a perfect relaxation spot. Let Selv Bath Salt pamper you and enjoy true tranquility.


    Selv's creator, Sarah Laroche, is an ambassador of "slow living." Previously a stylist and a photographer, her travels sparked a newfound appreciation for taking care of oneself and others. This realization birthed the idea of Selv - an effort to bring opportunities for slowness and care to those she loves, combined with her own passion for the bath ritual.


    Recovery Bath Salt | Cedar, Evergreen & Vetiver