Our story begins many years before we opened our doors. 

Over 30 years ago, a little girl grew up listening to her mom share her dream of opening a little shop, a welcoming place filled with beautiful things to make a house a home.  Desirae watched her mom Sonya sketch out plans and listened over the years as the dream evolved but the dream stayed a dream and out of reach.
As daughters do, Desirae grew up; inspired by watching her mom continuously craft, paint, garden, style and create, she found her path as a creative, designer and artist embracing creativity in all it's forms.
For many years, both of Sonya's children watched as their mom worked tirelessly at jobs that did not utilize her gift for creating.  Josh and Desirae wanted to see their mom thrive, to share her gift with others and to live her dream. That was the point the dream pivoted into something tangible and together they moved it forward.  In late 2018, as a family, they anxiously opened the doors of Willow Creek in Winkler Manitoba with a passion for creating and curating an intentional, beautiful, well-lived and well-loved life. 
Together Sonya and Desirae carefully and thoughtfully select each piece, curating their collections and welcoming each customer in the door as a guest in their home.