Our Story

Founded with a shared passion for creating and curating an intentional, beautiful, well-lived life, Willow Creek is nestled in the heart of Winkler, Manitoba, reflecting the vision of mother-daughter duo Sonya and Desirae.

Sonya and Desirae pour their hearts into every aspect of Willow Creek. Sonya's thoughtful and insightful nature shines through as she connects with our customers, guiding them to find that perfect piece for their home or adding her touch to floral arrangements. Her warmth and creativity shine through in every interaction. Meanwhile, Desirae's creativity is matched by her strategic mindset and keen eye for detail. She ensures that every aspect of Willow Creek reflects their shared vision, from the carefully curated collections to the thoughtful styling and online experience. Her ability to plan with intention keeps us on track, guiding Willow Creek with purpose and clarity.

Our journey into the world of retail began with a simple desire to create a space, an experience where each person who walks through our doors feels warmly welcomed, embraced by a sense of home. We've always been passionate about styling, creating, and the joy of sharing inspiration.

Since opening in 2018, we've been humbled by the support of our community and the opportunity to share our passion with each and every visitor. So, whether you're seeking inspiration, a thoughtful gift, or simply a moment of beauty, we invite you to experience the warmth of Willow Creek and become a part of our journey.