Choosing Joy

 We're going to be real with you, it's scary right now - scary and stressful. We're diligently watching the news, getting more worked up by social media and opinions and feeling more deflated and anxious by the end of each day.

We've decided to continue to be mindful of the situation and respect the guidelines in place but we are adding in a personal guideline: CHOOSE JOY. 

Joy for us, as a family, comes in many forms but usually starts with creating - decorating, woodworking, art, leather working, gardening (soon!), creating the perfect gift, writing and the list goes on.

It goes without saying, that Willow Creek has become our creative stage to share our joy and we're so thankful that so many of our customer's share in the joy of decorating and thoughtful gift giving too.

This is just a note, a reminder, to continue to find the good, the positive and the joyful in our current situations.

Take care friends,

The Willow Creek Family
Sonya, Desirae and Josh

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