Lake & Oak Cold Brew Tea

We're sharing some wisdom from our girl Meredith at Lake & Oak on how to "cold brew her tea like a boss"! 

Why all of the excitement about cold tea? Well, besides the obvious seasonal factor, cold brewing your tea is a no-fuss way to get perfectly steeped, full bodied flavour in your cup. There's no risk of watering down your tea with too many ice cubes - it's already ice ice cold baby.

Other benefits? You don't have to worry about over steeping that bad boy. So go ahead, break out your favourite blend and with a little patience you'll be back on your favourite healthy habit.

Let's break it down.


5 tablespoon Rose Schisandra GlowTea
1-liter cold water
Juice from ½ a lime
1 tsp maple syrup or sweeten to taste
To garnish: lime wedge, fresh mint/ or berries.

Combine loose leaf tea and cold water in a large vessel. 
Stir to combine.
Set aside for 2 hours to overnight.
Strain with a fine mesh sieve.
Stir in lime juice, and maple syrup if using.
Taste and add more water or lime juice as necessary.

Serve over ice cubes (bonus points for making cubes from iced tea ahead of time) 
Recipe can be scaled up to make larger quantities.



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