In Support of the Covenant Cup Golf Tournament

We are proud to be a small part of a great cause with the Covenant Cup Golf Tournament. 

The Israelis people only have 10-20 seconds to seek shelter after hearing the siren for a rocket attack.  

Attacks are sporadic and can occur at any time and from anywhere. Without bomb shelters, kindergarteners are forced to hide under their desks, civilians at bus stops are stranded in fear, and families can be separated in an instant.

The Covenant Cup Golf Tournament in collaboration with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Canada aims to raise awareness in the Pembina Valley about the ongoing attacks in Israel and raise a minimum of $50,000 for a peoples' bomb shelter in support of Operation Life Shield which installs these life-saving bomb shelters in areas under constant threat.  

To learn more or to make a contribution to the cause please visit:


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