Covid-19 Store Update

It was pointed out to us this week that we are not a necessity; this is true on many levels given the state of the world, however, this business is OUR necessity, our livelihood, and like most small business owners right now we are doing our best to navigate these extraordinary circumstances for the first time. ⁣

We have decided to remain open for the time being and have been taking every precaution to disinfect surfaces, wash our hands, social distance with family in assisted living and like many others, do the best we can with the circumstance and the information provided.⁣

We’ve just dropped a load of new product arrivals on our online store and of course, recommend shopping with us here first. Gift cards can be purchased online and will be emailed to you. If you prefer to pickup, void shipping by using the promo code: LocalsOnly and for those that live further away, we are working on adjusting our shipping fees temporarily and will release more on that the next few days!⁣

This is a constantly evolving situation and like the rest of the world we are watching closely. The biggest take away if you’ve read till here, let this bring us together and not let each other’s decisions and opinions divide us further...we are all facing this from different walks of life, attempting to make the best decision for ourselves and our families. ⁣

Take care. ⁣

Willow Creek Family

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