Celebrating Nurses Week

Our family is no stranger to hospitals. 

From broken bones and concussions to traumatic accidents that have forever changed our lives and our perspectives on life. Collectively as a family, we've been cared for and greeted by many nurses (and doctors) over the years and we're grateful for their compassion and in awe of their call-to-serve.

We feel incredibly fortunate to call Manitoba home during this global pandemic but our hearts continue to ache for those across Canada and around the world.

While this is small in the grand scheme of things, we want to show our appreciation by offering all Canadian Nurses 20% Off their entire purchase from Thursday, May 14th till Saturday, May 16th.

  • In-store only (However, we'd be willing to communicate over email if you'd like to place an online order)

  • Nurses I.D Badge must be shown (we will accept a photo of it on your phone or through email)

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