Shampoo Bars

Looking to make another zero-waste swap in life? Check out Soak Bath Co.'s Shampoo Bar! 



This gorgeous bar is completely zero waste and sustainable.  Infused with Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils for a scalp and hair loving blend of essentials.

Shampoo bars make a great and convenient addition to a carry on bag (no more guessing how much liquid you can carry through airport security)! A shampoo bar also helps keep plastic bottle waste out of the shower and eventually, the landfill.



Are you ready to make the switch? Here are a few ways to know if a shampoo bar is right for you:

1. You are ready to commit (or have already committed) to a completely natural hair care routine. This means no synthetic styling products, no products or conditioners with silicones and not over-manipulating your hair with excessive heat. 

2. You don't currently over-process, or heat style your hair daily. (OR, you are ready to make a change to a more natural approach to beautiful hair.)

3. You are interested in tuning in to your body's natural rhythms, helping your hair to heal and take care of itself the way nature intended. 

Shampoo Bar Transition Phase

A small percentage of Shampoo Bar users experience a transition or purge period.  When first using a shampoo bar, your hair may feel waxy after washing. This is often referred to as the purge and could be the result of a one of 2 things - a reaction with hard water or an adjustment to balancing out your scalp's oil production.  Both issues can usually be remedied with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

The transition phase is temporary and just part of the journey to the healthiest hair of your life.

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