International Women's Day

When you look back at our collective journey as women, it’s really quite humbling how far we’ve come here in North America. The boundaries that were pushed, the laws that were broken, the lessons passed down and the paths that were laid by the generations before us.

This goes without saying, there are still many barriers and there are still many women around the world, including where we live, living in fear and discrimination - just because they’re a woman. It’s heart breaking as we stand here relatively free, able to own our own businesses, get an education, drive, vote, marry whomever we love at whatever age we like, freely leave abusive relationships or simply express ourselves…that there are women who may be attacked or killed for attempting any one of these things - just because they’re a female.

So why are we sharing this?

Quite honestly, the words have simply flowed when reflecting on today and it’s significance. For us, it’s about widening the perspective, opening conversations and sharing in the joys and struggles of being a woman.

We are grateful for the women who blazed the trails before us, for the people passionately advocating on behalf of women and to the incredible community of women around us - our partnerships, customers, fellow entrepreneurs, friends and family.

Happy International Women's Day!
(Follow the links above to some great articles and organizations supporting women)



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